RCS Rotary Compound Pouring Machine


The RCS is a continuous rotary compound pouring machine with multiple stations. The RCS permits infinite adjustment of the point and angle of pour and a wide range of pour durations. Caps are fed to the infeed turret by a conveyor or worm unit when more positive engagement is required. Worm feed is standard on the RCS-12. The infeed turret incorporates a detection system that prevents pouring when a cap is not present.

The main gearing is totally enclosed and runs in an oil bath. Lubrication fittings are provided for all key points to minimize wear. Machines are supplied with AC variable frequency controls. The RCS-8 is provided with a 3 HP AC brake-motor, the RCS-12 with a 5 HP AC brake-motor. PLC-based control packages are available.


The infeed turret transfers caps to rotating magnetic chucks in the pouring head. Vacuum chucks are used for non-ferrous caps. Chuck rotation is proportional to machine speed and easily changed to suit the application. The pouring nozzles can be individually adjusted to pour into the center of the cap, annularly, or onto the sidewall. Nozzles are available in a series of orifice sizes to provide a range of compound flows. The duration of pour is controlled by 2 cams that set all stations simultaneously. The compound continually circulates through nozzles to maintain temperature and viscosity. The standard RCS uses an arm to sweep off the caps. A discharge turret is available for cap sizes to 89 mm. The standard machine will handle cap sizes to 120 mm.

A set of change parts consisting of all guides, turrets, chucks and associated components is required for each cap size to be run. Change-over between sizes requires 2-3 hours. The RCS pouring machine is available as an RCS-8 with 8 stations and a maximum output of 800 caps per min., or as an RCS-12 with 12 pouring stations and a maximum output of 1200 caps per minute. Where lower output is required, an RCS-8/4 can be provided as an 8-station machine with 4 stations equipped for an output of up to 400 caps per minute.

Machines are supplied with AC variable frequency controls. The RCS-8 uses a 3 HP AC motor and the RCS-12 a 5 HP AC motor. PLC-based control packages are available.


Technology Brief:
Continuous rotary lining machine, 8 or 12 stations on a single head with infeed station.
Production Rate:
Max. 800/1200 caps per minute.
Cap Size:
120mm max.
36″ L x 42″ W x 66″ H; XXX lbs.
230/460/3, 9.6/4.8 amp; compressed air: _ä x 80 psi., 1.0 CFM; no gas

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