RMS Rotary Forming Machine


The RMS is a high-speed, single operation rotary forming machine with eight pockets which can be used or left idle, depending upon desired production rates. Fully tooled, the RMS can produce at a rate of 800 caps per minute. Originally designed for forming of PT caps, it is easily adaptable to performing various secondary operations. The RMS is a modular design allowing for easy customer configuration.

The main gearing is totally enclosed and runs in an oil bath. Lubrication fittings are provided for all key points to minimize wear. The RMS is provided with a 3 HP AC brake motor with variable frequency control. A PLC-based control package is available.


An infeed turret transfers shells to the forming station. The cam operated punch holders in the forming station are hardened, ground and run in hardened steel guide bushings. Tooling is adjustable through a 0.250 in. range and protected by overload sensors which stop the machine.


Technology Brief:
High-speed, continuous rotary forming machine; basic configuration includes 8 tool locations
Production Rate:
Max. 800 caps per minute
Cap Size:
30mm — 89mm
55″ L x 30″ W x 122″ H; 3,500 lbs.
Electric service per customers requirements

RMS Rotary Forming Machine

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