LC-65 & LHS Cut and Place Lining Machines


The LC-65 and LHS are high-speed cut and place cap lining machines each comprised of two stations. The first is an underdriven blanking press; the second is a cam driven set-down assembly. The machines employ an 8 or 12 increment dial with roller gear indexing. Lining material is advanced through the press station at a 30°angle by an adjustable roll feed. This maximizes material usage. Caps are fed into the machine by a conveyor.

The welded base is the oil reservoir. Oil is filtered and pumped to the main bearings, post bearings and other key points to ensure effective lubrication. Other wear points are lubricated with oil cups or grease fittings. Machines are supplied with AC variable frequency controls. The LC-65 is provided with a 3.0 HP AC brake motor, the LHS with a 5.0 HP AC brake motor; PLC-based control packages are available.


The machines can be provided with heat seal units for double liners, glue stations, infeed and discharge conveyors and a variety of liner feed stands.


In the first station, punches blank the liners and the liners are inserted into the caps by plungers. In the second station, plungers set the liners to the bottom of the caps. Knock-outs are provided to ensure complete ejection of the caps. Safety switches are employed to detect infeed jams or safety clutch overloads to stop the machine.


Technology Brief:
High-speed, cut and place cap lining machines
Operation Speed:
LC-65 max. 175 SPM
LHS max. 175 SPM
Cap Size*:
LC-65 28mm (8 cuts) – 132mm (1 cut)
LHS 28mm (11 cuts) – 132mm (2 cuts)
*Based on CT metal closures. Plastic closures may differ.
Lining Material Width:
LC-65 9”
LHS 13.5”
LC-65 36″L x 48″W x 60″H; 2,500 lbs.
LHS 48″L x 60″W x 60″H; 2,500 lbs.
LC-65 Electric service per customer’s requirements
LHS Electric service per customer’s requirements

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