Apex Spent Over 100 Years Preparing for this Day

Supply chains are increasingly disrupted by international governments restricting companies in their country from fulling international orders, and a growing number of domestic sources shutting down due to illness and quarantines.

Just as APEX stepped up during past war efforts, we are ready to assist OEMs battling Coronavirus with medical ventilators, diagnostic devices, monitors, and respiratory supplies.

Apex has been providing custom dies specialized tools, and configurable one-of-a-kind machines since 1919. Based on our broad range of capabilities and decades of design and engineering experience, we could manufacture just about any type of part, component or assembly – even the kind you need right now. Chances are, if you are running three shifts, at full capacity, 24/7, we could still help increase and accelerate your throughput.

To convert or retool existing machines, or to ramp up production with built-to-spec equipment, call us today at (847) 394-5810 Monday – Friday between 8-5:30 Central Time or contact us.

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